Cosmopolitan Lodges charitable activities and projects

For Freemasons, for families, for everyone!

We know that not all are on the sunny side of life and therefore require help in one or the other way.
We as Freemasons and more specific the Members of Cosmopolitan Lodge are dedicated to help.
We usually analyse the problem or need and then decide how we can deliver support, either just with money, time or even both.
We encourage our members to be active in providing help where needed and even more, to spend as much time as possible, as time is the most precious thing a person can offer!


Projects for us are people or organisations we try to support over a couple of years. We try to be in regular contact with them to know more about their needs and special circumstances. Our main goal is to have a close relationship and a positive impact. 

Kinderhospiz (Schweiz)

One of our latest projects we have is with Kinderhospiz Schweiz.
We do not only spend money but we also support them with background services and other activities.
We are committed to contribute a substantial amount for the next couple of years. 
Please follow link if you wish to contribute on a personal level.

Z├╝rcher Frauenhaus Violetta

The Frauenhaus Violetta is a matter close to our hearts. Many of our members and their partners live on the sunnier side of life. Unfortunately, not everyone is as well off as we are and there are always cases in which women and children become victims of domestic violence. We at Cosmopolitan Lodge make a regular contribution so that these women and children, at least temporarily, receive protection and support and have a chance to reorganise their lifes.
Please follow the link above if you wish to contribute on a personal level.


Clothes for people with disabilities.

Voluntary Work

Some of our members do not only spend money but also donate a few hours per month in the care of disabled and/or elderly people with special needs.

Other Cosmopolitan Charity Projects coming soon!